UFOs - our last chance

«««   Hope dies Last!   »»»

UFO tickets† 4/13/2029 ?

Not necessarily! Yes, most of you will not survive the impact of Apophis or the time after. But there may be a way to get out of there unharmed after all.

We were contacted by Extraterrestrials and exclusively tasked with organizing a prospect list for fly-along opportunities!

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Waiting list for rescue by spaceship

EXCLUSIVE - only on our website!

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$ 6.66

  • Travel flyer
  • Free seating
  • Fish & Chips

$ 25.--

  • VIP Check-in
  • Welcome Drink
  • Window seat
  • Organic vegan menu


$ 99.--

  • Incl. VIP benefits
  • Post apocalyptic party
  • Klingon bloodwine
  • Selfies with UFO crew

For all additional on-board services, only crypto currencies are accepted on the spaceship!

This offer is not a lottery. See universal disclaimer

US citizens and persons residing in the USA (incl. US Territories) are excluded from the online offer (UFO waiting list).

Conditions of Participation

  • All ticket holders will fly on the spaceship!

  • If the Aliens do not reach Earth in time to beam you up, the fee is non-refundable. This also applies when Galactic communication problems prevent the Aliens from contacting you.

  • If the event does not take place in 2029 but only in 2036 or 2068, the tickets remain valid.

  • Tickets are neither transferable nor inheritable.

  • The following must be presented at check-in: QR code, valid passport & a Covid-19 vaccination certificate! Name on all documents must match.

Organizational Notes

  • WE accept your registration for the waiting list for a spaceship flight opportunity for a small fee.

  • YOU make sure that you do not change the e-mail address which you indicated on the ticket purchase. In time, you will be asked to provide your Mobile Phone Number. This is to locate you for beaming you up.

  • ALIENS are solely responsible for the entire Event organization.

5,000 individuals should be sufficient for a genetically healthy reproduction of the human species. According to initial information from the Aliens, the number of passengers is unlimited.

Just another scam?

QR CodeNo, we're deadly serious!

You voluntarily (or not) spend money on insurances, right?

So, if you got enough money for a life or dental insurance, why not risk a one-time negligible premium to give you and your loved ones a chance to survive the apocalypse?


Attention Freethinkers & Anarchists! The time of universal freedoms will come, but the earthly regulations still apply and that is why we refer to our detailed terms and conditions with regard to this list of interested parties for spaceship flight opportunities. You will be informed of the exact regulations for the spaceship stay in good time.