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Anarchy - global & totalDoomsday Scenario

Forget left-wing radicals or right-wing extremism. In this scenario, there are no ideological reasons, no common enemy, or a minority that is throwing individual neighborhoods or regions into turmoil with outbreaks of violence.

If there is any certainty that an impact of a planet-killing asteroid is inevitable in the near, total global chaos will ensue.

Unlike Covid-19, there will not only be great uncertainty, but absolutely no hope of somehow surviving this disaster. There are no contingency plans. It is long too late for preparations. THEY know it - but which government will admit this publicly?

You're going to die, and we pretty much know when and how

Well, maybe you will be 'lucky' and die before the impact. Because law & order as well as the entire infrastructure (communication, supply of food and medical aid) will cease to exist quite quickly. State of emergency, military law, law of the fist and force of arms will dominate the remaining time.

Therefore, avoid large gatherings of people or, if possible, any contact at all. The probability that you will be perceived as a competitor is great and solidarity was the first to be 'turned off'.

What are you doing in the time you have left?

Are you still going to work or paying your bills? Are you waiting at the grocery store to put your groceries in the cart like you used to? Do you let any government statements calm you down this time? No! Because the remaining 8 billion won't either. Anarchy - now and totally! The attitude that now everything does not matter anyway will have immediately the following effects:

  • What you as a righteous citizen would not have even thought of, now it is 'allowed' to do
  • What you've always wanted to do but shied away from the consequences... so what!?
  • Solidarity with fellow human beings? No one can afford that anymore. Every man for himself and all against all.
  • Panic acts! Do you still remember the toilet paper hoarding purchases? Irrational actions of the whole population bring any system and any attempts to maintain them to their knees.

Have you shaken your head at Hollywood doomsday movies or reacted with disdain to reports from countries where anarchy reigns for a short time or for years? You won't anymore - because this time it will end fatally for all of us.

Anarchy survived? Now comes the mass death!

The exact time and manner of your demise can be narrowed down. You die immediately on impact, with some delay due to the blast wave, heat, fire, tsunami, or then most definitely due to starvation in the following multi-year nuclear winter.

Conclusion? Don't lose your sense of humor!

In the eye of the asteroid, too, there will be the incorrigible optimists, religious fanatics and other nutcases. Who still has a little humor left, should enjoy it. There won't be more to laugh about!