Aliens Welcome !?

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Roswell 1947Aliens, ET - Welcome!

At least since the UFO crash in 1947 over Roswell in the US state of New Mexico, the US government and military knew about Aliens

  • What followed was a widespread disinformation campaign. The debris from the UFO was simply dismissed as a weather balloon crash.
  • At the same time, the CIA secretly distributed forged documents stating that there had been UFO sightings.
  • In order to research and use the 'alien technology that fell from the sky', the entire area was declared a military restricted area - today also known as AREA 51.
With this double game, it has so far been quite successful to dismiss all information that has leaked out as conspiracy theories.

Horten H IX

Where did the NAZIS get the idea or technology to tackle the Horten H IX flying wing project? Was extraterrestrial technology of crashed UFOs already examined and used at that time? If this was so, all documents, materials and the researchers, among others Werner von Braun, ended after the end of the 2nd World War in the USA (Operation Paperclip).

Cold War deception

The nuclear threat of the respective other great powers justified so far dizzying military & research budgets for the development of missiles, crisis-proof communication and the space program. Only with the stoking of fears and the promise to protect the population from it, it is still possible for the governments to justify their actions.

Voyager Raumsonden Satelite Voyager

The Voyager 1 & 2 mission is considered one of the greatest successes of NASA and space travel in general. The probe still regularly sends data to Earth today.

In addition to the main purpose, the exploration of space, is also a "Golden Record" called storage medium is attached to both space probes and transports so important image & audio information about the Earth & humanity into space or as "Hello to ET".

NASA celebrates itself and likes to let us celebrate with it. But... what findings do they share with us?

Area 51

What they know and what you are supposed to believe are two completely different things! Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified

The existence of the Air Force base Area 51 in the US state of Nevada was first concealed for decades, then denied, and finally confirmed in 2013. Area 51 is located just 688 miles from Roswell, New Mexico....

Bob Lazar, former employee of Area 51 investigated the Alien technology in 1988/89 to reconstruct it for military use. From physicist (with Q clearance - US Department of Energy/DOE security clearance required for access to most confidential US projects & data) he became whistleblower in November 1989 ( Interview with Joe Rogan / Documentary ).

Seti@Home ?

No more! The plug was literally pulled on the project on 31.3.2020. Did the space enthusiasts get too close to the truth? SETI@HOME used millions of private PCs of voluntary users to process the huge amounts of data to scan messages from extraterrestrials. A precursor to cryptocurrency technology, so to speak. For governments it seems to be 'less dangerous' if techies & trekkies gamble their money instead of listening out into space. By the way... also the whole SETI PROJECT is constantly getting its funding cut. Questions?

Project SKAO

Okay... so... the SETI@Home project has been pulled the plug and SETI in general is getting funding cut continuously. Wasn't that once THE project to contact or find ETs (ExtraTerrestrial Life)?

Our conclusion: clear case of disinformation! These radio telescopes, which are under construction worldwide, serve a completely different purpose than we are supposed to be sold (you already pay for it anyway...). Eyewash par excellence!


Obama, Trump & also all previous US Presidents do not want or are not allowed to know anything and certainly not talk about it...

What is their Alien Agenda? And why has the government gone to such lengths to suppress the overwhelming evidence that extraterrestrial creatures exist? Some of our brightest minds are asking these questions and more to uncover the truth behind this massive cover-up - and whether Earth can afford to ignore the alien messages for much longer.