Nuclear Winter

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Nuclear Winter

The Days After

You did survive the immediate catastrophe of the impact? Congratulation!

But there is no reason to celebrate.

  • The explosion at the impact site ejected a million tons of rock and dust into the atmosphere.
  • Some of it will come back to the earth's surface red-hot around the globe and will ignite large areas of forest. Not enough, no, also oil fields and everything else that can burn will burn.
  • The amount of dust that will remain in the atmosphere will keep sunlight away from the Earth's surface, temperatures will plummet for years. Any scale of fine dust measurements will exceed all horror scenarios.
  • Nuclear power plants, nuclear and biological arsenals, and the entire chemical industry will either be destroyed by the effects of the impact and blast wave, or will later cause further regional disasters as a result of failure to maintain operations.

Nuclear winter

  • IIn addition to all the other destruction caused by the asteroid impact, the impact winter will dramatically change the seasons for years.
  • Crop failures and non-existent infrastructure (energy supply) are now leading to global famines.
  • The mass deaths of people and animals are unmanageable. Medical help is no longer to be expected and epidemics will kill most of you.
Calculation models about the course of such a nuclear winter may be partly controversial, but the major volcanic eruptions of the recent past (Krakatau/Indonesia 1883 and Eyjafjallajökull/Iceland 2010) give a pretty good foretaste. Just expect those consequences with a factor of 1'000'000'000.

Did you find refuge in a survival shelter during the first weeks and months?
You won't like what you'll find when you open the door.