Fake News

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Conspiratorial ignoranceThe media, elites & governments lie - all & always 

Is Rockstar Apophis THE Planet Killer or just another big rock passing by Earth?

What is simply dismissed as fear mongering is in fact a conspiracy by elites, multi-corporations and the super-rich to delay the onset of mass panic for as long as possible.

Are NASA, US AirForce and CIA/NSA truthfully informing about the impending impact? Unlikely.

The truth and other inventions

  • December 2019 marked the creation of the United States Space Force, which is the space division of the U.S. Armed Forces.

  • April 2021: NASA has ruled out the probability of an impact of the Asteroid Apophis for the next 100 years. And all media spread the good news (unchecked). Reassuring, isn't it??

  • June 2021: The UFO report of the US Defence Department does not want to know anything about aliens. There is too little data for that. The incidents over Roswell / New Mexico almost 75 years ago are not even mentioned and the other documented sightings were 'explained away'.

  • Sept. 2021: Damn it... Apophis Asteroid is no longer where it should be and an impact scenario is real again. Nevertheless, the all-clear is stubbornly given in the media...

  • Is a large-scale Operation Mindfuck underway? Without a doubt!

  • But only shortly before impact, when even amateur astrologers recognize the inevitable collision, the truth can no longer be concealed.

  • And why are we being deliberately misled with misinformation? How else can the US government, together with multinational corporations, maintain their control over the global masses?

Info - Definitions

Mis-/Disinformation? Bad News or Fake News?

Misinformation is false or inaccurate information in which facts are misrepresented. Disinformation is false information that is intentionally misleading, i.e., facts are intentionally misstated.

And what about news that conceals or does not question the actual motivation? At best, this could be called 'bad news'.

Lies until the big bang - Cui bono?

The official announcement is: Relax you sleep sheep... because they don't know how to explain the truth to us.... instead, a targeted and massive disinformation campaign is underway. But why?

  • the elites of the world government still need time. The domestic and international power structure must remain stable.
  • the longer they can distracted us from the truth of the end of the world, the more reliably we continue to work for the survival of the elites.
  • once the impending asteroid impact can no longer be denied, their power structure collapses in a Global & Ttotal Anarchy.

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