Black Friday / Nov. 2029

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Black Friday 2029 - CANCELLED Prepper List

The world after Black Friday 2029 will be different! By the way, the weeks and days before the asteroid impact too. Anarchy will overtake society..

"Heaven and earth meet - Luke's Gospel 16:1-9"

Apophis, the god of darkness, was not yet known when the Holy Scriptures were written. But already at that time it was clear: The wise man provides! Survival of the Fittest as Charles Darwin explained it, will apply on the day X only very conditionally. Survival, at least a little longer and more comfortable than the others - that should be the focus of your purchases now.

Are you new to the topic of survival? Do you need survival training?

Enjoy Black Friday Sales till 2028!

What belongs on the shopping list for a successful survival? Food, water, emergency medicine… yes, sure, but don't assume you can still be in your home.

The ultimate Black Friday – 13.4.2029

After Black Friday 2028, it is too late to place orders. If a package is still on its way to you, the postman will steal it.

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