Apocalypse / Endtimes

«««  Is it all just apocalyptic mumbo-jumbo? »»»

Endtime - Apocalypse - End of the World Every age has its prophets

We all know chosen persons, i.e. persons appointed by a higher power or simply by the truth: established ones like Jesus and Mohammed and then the others like Nostradamus, Billy (BEAM) Meyer and many others. The 21st century is no exception.

And as rational as we pretend to be today, we are still all ears when the end of the world is prophesied. "For at the appointed hour, the true believers will be saved (by UFO or spiritually) while sinners and skeptics will be wiped out in a terrible inferno."

Unwavering realists counter that predictions should never be made, especially about the future, and at best listen to weather forecasts.

But, would we even recognize the prophet and his prophecy? Has Apophis, the god of darkness, already 'won' for this reason alone, because we don't want to hear about the planet-killer Scenario?


Faith makes blessed - only... what or whom should one still believe? The end of the world was already shifted several times. Neither on 31.12.1999 (millennium hysteria) nor on 20.12.2012 (Maya calendar turn) the last judgment was held.

But with it the signs of the end time are not exhausted therefore still by far. The four apocalyptic horsemen, the battle of Armageddon and the Antichrist are said to be still ahead of us. Others know that the last days have already begun in the year 1914. Religions - a hot potato. Therefore, at this point we shall refrain from further commenting on this 'knowledge'.


Trust is good - but... please to whom exactly? The government? Recently done a fact check? What is left of the politicians' and other elites' promise of a better future? Even modest goals can no longer be achieved. So, if only managed downsizing has been going on for a long time, how much can disaster & crisis plan management be relied upon?

Talking about the real problems? Politicians and the world elite are as afraid of this as they are of the Antichrist. So it's better to listen to the prophets and just trust in the best?

How about thinking for yourself?

Yes, admittedly, it does take a certain basic intelligence to look behind the concept of "bread and games" and critically question the elected and self-appointed authorities.

Still undecided? Try this thinking aid!