Prophet & Philosopher

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Have we met yet?

We are absolutely convinced of our Doomsday Message! How may we convey our deepest knowledge to you? An encounter with us possibly (hopefully) sets your own thought process in motion!

In my mind I am free

Stephen Hawking († 2018) - Theoretical physicist

Fortuneteller & Seer

It's later than you think...

Are you ready?

Prophet & Philosopher

Performance Artist

Your Event - our show - Hire us!

As a performance artist, we specialize in the following events:

  • FUNERALS (including your own in the future... - PREPAYMENT required) &
  • FAREWELL parties

Not many artists convey a farewell mood as authentically as we do. Our performance not only enriches your event, but also stimulates the audience to think long after!

If you like what you see & read on our website, we are very happy!
If not... then please just kiss Apophis (and his prophet) goodbye.
Nice to have met you...

performance artist for funerals & farewell parties

Philosopher & WiseMen

Want a second opinion?

Just imagine for a brief moment.... that there might be more to the 'Apophis passes Earth' story... Would you like a second opinion?


Well, if you follow the Fake News, then asteroid Apophis is harmless.... Second opinion please? Or is the 'mandatory prescribed government announcement' enough for you? Ask us: Asteroid Apophis is definitely deadly for people who just 'sleep on'!

Join the UFO waiting list today!
You've never had such a necessary & affordable insurance before...


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