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NASA, ESA, SETI - Facts vs Fiction Characteristic - Signalment

  • Name: Asteroid Apophis - God of Darkness, aka 2004 MN4 or 99942

  • Identification features::
    - Diameter 340 meters
    - Relative speed 5.87km/second
    - Dumb as a rock
    - Emotionless & ruthless, potentially lethal

  • Origin: Asteroid Belt Nemesis

  • Last known whereabouts: heading straight for Earth

The dinosaurs didn't have a Space Program...

... but we are supposed to be prepared. Really? Do you trust science and the authorities? And Apophis himself is dumb as a rock - he doesn't know our theoretical concepts and will care even less! Besides... to be able to do something against an asteroid, one would have to act very early - preferably decades in advance. For all ignorant out there... Apophis 'visits' us 2029 and otherwise just again 2036! Conclusion? Game over!

Search & destroy

To detect and observe near-Earth asteroids or those with potentially hazardous trajectories, projects such as LINEAR (Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research), LONEOS (Lowell Observatory Near-Earth Object Search), NEAT (Near Earth Asteroid Tracking), and Spacewatch were created.

But... finding a planet killer is only part of the problem.

  • Preventing the impact is still an unsolvable task today.
  • Simply blowing Apophis away with hydrogen bombs does not seem an option - protests by the anti-nuclear lobby will successfully prevent this.
  • So a bio solution? Yes, one could theoretically also direct light via huge solar mirrors onto the object and thus vaporize parts of it, attach solar sails or change the orbit with (non-nuclear) impact projectiles. In any case, these are the fictitious alternative plans. Faith moves mountains... or in this case asteroids...

Mission DART

The NASA mission "DART" was the first practical asteroid defense test. Great success. The probe rammed the asteroid's little brother Dimorphos on Oct. 12, 2022 and changed its orbit.

You feel safer now?

Well, if you trust the US government... then go back to sleep. Or ask yourself the following...

  • Why are years and resources spent shooting at an asteroid that will never pose a threat to Earth? Well maybe because this chunk was a much easier target than asteroid Apophis will ever be. Medially in any case a coup!
  • Are you a scientist or do you just always know everything better? Have you considered everything?


Mankind wants to go back to the moon after more than 50 years to explore space better (Note 1: WRONG - not mankind, but some self-proclaimed elites). Artemis 1 launched unmanned on Nov 16, 2022. Further missions are to take place to the Moon & Mars, each returning the crew safely to Earth (Note 2: WRONG - these are escape preparations, return is not part of the plan).

The well known concept of 'Bread & Games': deliver a mad show to distract from the real intentions.

UN – Office for Outer Space Affairs

International efforts are already in full swing. As early as 2016, the UN declared June 30th as International Asteroid Day. A start, isn't it?

Did we mention it? Game over!

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