End of Days:

4 / 13 / 2029


Ground Zero

Brussels / Belgium

Why Brussels??

Why not? see disclaimer


April 13, 2029, 09.34 AM / (Black Friday)

Opting out?

You don't want to die?

Prophet of the Asteroid Apophis


Are you ready?

«««   YOU are going to die...   »»»

... and WE pretty much know when and how!

Well, you might be 'lucky' and not live to see the impact. Because law and order as well as the entire infrastructure (Communication, food supply and medical assistance) will cease to exist fairly quickly.

State of emergency, military law, law of the fist and force of arms will rule the remaining time

Don't want to die yet?

We know of a possible Opting-out!
Asteroid Apophis may but does not necessarily have to be the last thing you experience...

Code Red - DefCon4

Code Red

NASA increases impact probability to 98.16%! It's far too late to prepare...

Collapse of law&order

Collapse of law & order

Governments worldwide impose states of emergency & military law

Anarchy - global & total


Violence & looting are out of control

Asteroid Impact


+++ Breaking News +++ Belgium wiped out +++ Breaking News +++

Black Friday 2029

Black Friday

Global information blackout. The radiation released in the explosion destroyed the entire surface of the earth with a fireball.

Strike 2

Update will follow if we survived Black Friday 2029.Too big to fail? The end of the Dinosaurs

3 Strikes and you're out!

Many of us will not live to see it and the rest will probably not survive.Asteroid crater - not a swimmingpool

Alternative Views

Alternative facts do not exist. Alternative views very much do!

Aliens: the UFO report of the US Defence Department from June 2021 does not want to know anything about aliens. There is too little data for that. The incidents over Roswell / New Mexico soon 75 years ago are not even mentioned and the other documented sightings were 'explained away'... (more...)

Apophis: if already the existence of aliens is dismissed again and again as spinning (although they don't seem to be hostile to us), what do you think is kept under the lid in the matter of Apophis 2029? (more...)

Because they don't know how to explain the truth to us.... instead a targeted and massive disinformation campaign is running

In my mind I am free- Stephen Hawking († 2018) - Theoretical Physicist